A stunning menorcan property

Welcome to Son Bonaventura, a stunning Finca situated just a few kilometres from the sea and the village of Sant Lluís. This island region is a part of the south-eastern coast of Menorca, one of the most beautiful places on the island, a green haven and the perfect place to get in touch with nature.

An historical Finca

As it currently stands, Son Bonaventura was built just before the year 2000; however, it had been an agricultural Finca long before that. Besides the truly authentic spacious interiors, the Finca is set in an environment that’s full of possibilities. Just a short distance from the villa are the Son Bonaventura crops and an old cave likely frequented by the Talaiotic people, settled by the Arabs and used as a refuge by persecuted Christians.

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Organic Menorca

Son Bonaventura is home to an organic garden that produces numerous plants and vegetables in a permaculture vegetable patch. Lavender flowers bloom in this garden, providing various products including essential oil and all-natural honey, some of the best you can find in Spain. We continue to maintain the authenticity and agricultural roots of Son Bonaventura so that you may have a taste of the local products. More than 500 olive trees and 2 hectares of vines are dedicated to local oil and wine production.

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A rural getaway

Relax in this magnificent 25-hectare villa featuring gardens, plantations and leisure areas. You can enjoy the private padel court and minigolf course or the incredible countryside views from the pools and hot tub under the teak arbour.

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