The Finca is committed to respecting nature and is surrounded by a unique natural ecosystem.



Camí de cavalls:

The Son Bonaventura Finca is right near Camí de Cavalls, an ancient path that encircles the island. It’s ideal for nature discovery walks.


Talayotique culture:

Quite near the Finca stand the Binissafullet and Trebalúger talayots, pre-historic Bronze Age tower-like megaliths once used as tombs. The island is full of prestigious reminders of that era.



Zones de biosphère protégées :

The Son Bonaventura Finca is 15 km from the Es Grau lagoon, a protected natural park, and 5 km from the Island of Wind marine reserve. The entire island was actually classified as a “Biosphere Reserve” by UNESCO in 1993 due to the great variety of natural habitats and therefore enjoys scrupulous government protection to ensure the site is conserved.



While taking a walk, you could easily come across the famous ravines Cala Rafalet and Cala de Alcaufar.





Illa del Rei:

This remarkable site is an absolute must-see!