We currently have more than 500 Koroneiki olive trees (of Greek origin).

Our extra virgin olive oils are neither filtered nor assembled/composed: they’re made exclusively with olives from our Finca and bottled directly on site. This ensures the integrity and quality of our oils – from the tree to the bottle.

We harvest the olives when they’re still mostly green around mid-October.

The production date is indicated on the bottles as our oils are best used within two years.

Our oils contain 100% olive juice, mechanically extracted with cold pressure. No hot water is added at the mill meaning no flavour is ever lost. Most mills add hot water at a temperature of up to 30º C directly to the olive paste during malaxation to get a higher quantity of oil. This is allowed by European regulations. But we don’t do it. Our oils are extracted without any added water, hot or cold.

To make a litre of extra virgin olive oil, the required number of kilos of olives varies each year depending on the harvest, fields, soil and age of the olive trees. Five to 10 kilos of olives are usually needed to produce 1 litre of olive oil.